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Deceased Estate Services

We will spare you the pain of dealing with your departed loved ones belonging and handle their belonging with compassion and respect.


Alongside our hoarders clean up service, we also are highly experienced and specialise in deceased estates. Sweep Cleaning is prepared to comfort you during this tragic time, and help take the stress of clearing your loved ones belongings and prepare the house for sale, renting or bond retrieval.

This is a very traumatic time and we know how overwhelming it can be to have to deal with everything, and our compassionate and professional skills will give you the opportunity to focus on overcoming your emotions and spend more time with your loved ones, while we help organise the house.


What our Service covers

The following table shows what our service includes for Deceased Estates:



Blue Tick_circle   Sort through all the belongings   Blue Tick_circle   Dispose all items deemed as rubbish    
  Blue Tick_circle   Reposition all items deemed to be kept   Blue Tick_circle  

Donate unwanted items to charity or sell them and donate 100% of the proceeds to a charity.

  Blue Tick_circle   Arrange storage if required   Blue Tick_circle   Garden clearance    
  Blue Tick_circle   Pest Control   Blue Tick_circle   Repair any structural damage if required    
  Blue Tick_circle   Cleaning and prepare the home back to a standard liveable condition   Blue Tick_circle   Prepare it for a relative to move in; or for sale, renting, or bond retrival.    

Contact usFor a personalised, professional advice & service, simply call us on either of the following telephone numbers:

0433 174 925 or 0402 046 205

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