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    Sweep Cleaning, based in Leichhardt, is a premier bond cleaning company tasked to provide exceptional end of lease cleaning services to help you secure your bond refund smoothly and efficiently. We specialise at all end of lease cleaning, bond cleaning, exit cleaning, vacate cleaning, and after sale cleaning jobs in our community. Our bond cleaners and end of lease cleaners are passionate about delivering high-quality results that meet the strictest end-of-lease standards. We understand the importance of a thorough clean and go the extra mile to ensure every corner of your property is spotless to ensure a 100 % bond back guarantee in Leichhardt.

    At Sweep Cleaning, we pride ourselves on being reliable and trustworthy. We will show up on time, communicate clearly, and complete the job within the agreed timeframe. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that no spot is missed, leaving your rental property gleaming from top to bottom. We equip our end of lease cleaners with the modern cleaning equipment and solutions they need to tackle the most challenging vacate cleaning challenges they might face in Leichhardt.

    We prioritise excellent customer service, listening attentively to your needs, and ensuring your satisfaction.

    Our competitive prices and transparent quotes offer upfront pricing with no hidden fees. Sweep Cleaning stands out by combining reliability, expertise, and customer-focused service to deliver outstanding after sale cleaning results in Leichhardt. So why are you waiting? Please call our customer service executives now to steamroll your exit cleaning obligations!

    Sweep Cleaning’s Checklist-Based End of Lease Cleaning | Bond Cleaning Services in Leichhardt

    At Sweep Cleaning, we understand the importance of a smooth bond return process for tenants. Our meticulous checklist-based bond cleaning services ensure that rental properties are left in impeccable condition, minimising the risk of disputes and maximising the probability of a 100 % bond back guarantee in Leichhardt. The targeted cleaning covers every area of your rental home including:

    Flooring: Sweep, vacuum, and mop all floors, including carpets and hard surfaces. We’ll leave them clean and shiny. For deep cleaning, consider our professional carpet cleaning service (subject to a lease agreement).

    Cupboards & Drawers: We’ll empty and wipe down all cupboards and drawers, removing debris and eliminating lingering odours.

    Windows & Exteriors: We’ll wash windows inside and out, clean window sills and frames, and remove cobwebs and debris from external fixtures to enhance curb appeal.

    Air Conditioning & Ventilation: We’ll clean air conditioning units, replace filters, and wipe down fans for optimal air quality and efficiency.

    Immaculate Walls & Fixtures: Our bond cleaners wipe down walls, focusing on high-traffic areas and removing stains. We can also repair minor damage and repaint if needed, restoring walls to their original condition. Light switches, outlets, and fixtures will be cleaned and burnt-out bulbs replaced for a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

    Bathroom & Kitchen Fittings: No more streaks or smudges! We’ll ensure crystal-clear reflections with meticulous mirror cleaning. Soap holders, towel rails, fixtures, and vents—we’ll clean them all, ensuring a spotless and dust-free bathroom and laundry area.

    Bathroom, Shower & Toilet: Say goodbye to soap scum and water stains! We’ll scrub and disinfect showers, including glass, taps, and showerheads. We’ll also address mould or mildew and disinfect toilets thoroughly.

    Wash Basin & Surfaces: We’ll meticulously clean basins, drains, and countertops, removing grime and leaving surfaces hygienic and polished.

    Driveway & Garage (Optional): We’ll remove oil stains and debris, cleaning the garage floor and doors (including tracks and hinges) for smooth operation. Sweep Cleaning’s cleaners will sweep or hose down patios, trim hedges and bushes, and remove overgrown vegetation for a clean and tidy yard.

    Pool & Spas (Optional): We’ll clean and maintain pools and spas as per the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring clear and sanitised water. We’ll also remove debris and insects.

    As a last step, our personnel will clear up all the trash accumulated after bond cleaning. All waste bins will be sanitised to eliminate odours and bacteria. Our comprehensive checklist ensures we diligently clean every corner of your rental home, inside and out. So, let us handle the cleaning, so you can focus on your new adventure!

    Contact Sweep Cleaning for Hassle-Free Vacate Cleaning | After Sale Cleaning | End of Lease Cleaning Services in Leichhardt.

    Whether you’re moving out of a house, unit, or apartment, Sweep Cleaning is here to help. Experience the Sweep Cleaning difference, as we are confident we can exceed your expectations and ensure a stress-free bond return process in Leichhardt. To know how our cleaning personnel can help with all your exit cleaning needs, please call us now at 0433 174 925 or email your requirements at for a free consultation.

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