My Aunt lives in a Caravan park in Sydney and is a Hoarder! At the age of 73 the task of clearing her clutter was overwhelming. When my aunt was struct down with a burst appendix and hospitalised, this was the perfect opportunity to start cleaning her home. Except for one problem, I live in QLD. I immediately turned to google and found several companies that deal with Hoarder Clean-ups. I rang 4 companies and one stood out from the rest. The other 3 were more like death cleans, where no care was taken. Unlike these, Sweep Cleaning expressed compassion and demonstrated an understanding of the Hoarders mindset. We met up with the owner of Sweep Cleaning – Sana. Straight away her caring, compassionate personality was evident. Their rates were far competitive from the “Death Clean” Companies. Upon approval from my Aunt we hired their services.

My Aunt’s Home consists of 1 caravan with an annex attached. At the beginning of the clean, we could not walk in the place without stepping on something, with very few clear spots of floor to walk on. After 5 days, a 10-tonne skip and multiple donations to charities, my Aunt’s van was clean!!

My husband and I reviewed the clean throughout the 5 days. By Day 4 the job still looked like there was a long way to go. But true to their quote of 5 days they got the job done. I was brought to tears to see the transformation of my Aunts home.

My Aunt arrived home from the hospital after an extended stay in rehab. We were there to greet her and see the expression on her face. The best way we could prepare her for the transformation was to say, “Imagine you have had to move to a new house and all of your belongings are in boxes and have been moved to your new home” And that’s exactly what Sweep Cleaning did! They removed rubbish, sorted all my aunts belonging – photos with photos etc, into boxes and everything else was donated to charity. Once everything was boxed up, they removed furniture and cleaned. Then the boxes were moved back in.

We gave them a list of any items we were looking for and the items/furniture that we wanted to keep, and they followed our instructions perfectly.

Maybe I could I have taken time off work, travelled to Sydney and spent 5 days cleaning and sorting. But I would definitely not have been able to achieve what Sweep Cleaning did. With their years of experience, contacts with Charities, rubbish removal companies etc they completed the task on time, on quote and the result exceeded expectations.

My Aunt, who was faced with the realisation of moving to a Hostel/Nursing home is now happily living in her home of 25years without the danger of fall hazards.

I cannot recommend Sweep Cleaning enough. Sana’s compassion is second to none.

Thank you, Sweep Cleaning, for giving my Aunt quality of life in her later years. My Aunt has been able to have visitors to her home without experiencing the embarrassment of her hoarding.

My husband and 2 children even shared a meal with her at the dining table!!!

Sheridan (1 May 2018)